Our Services

Our services include Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Positive Behaviour Support and Clinical Nurse Specialist. Trusted Clinical Services is committed to providing access to a diverse range of NDIS funded services which enable positive client outcomes and help to facilitate opportunities for everyone to live, work and belong in an inclusive world

Speech Pathology

Trusted Clinical’s speech pathologists can assist those with communication disorders, including difficulty with speech production, understanding and using language, fluency and literacy. We provide assessments, intervention, and tailored therapy practices to support each individual’s needs

Occupational Therapy

Through our client-cantered approach, Trusted Clinical helps people to participate in activities of everyday life with Occupational Therapy. Whether it be personal care activities, developing fine motor skills, assisting with accessible home environments, or developing sensory processing skills, our expert team can provide individualised supports to empower living life to the fullest potential

Behaviour Support​

The Trusted Clinical team offers Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), which can guide and create new routines and behaviours to enhance quality of life. We focus on skill development and engagement with support networks to facilitate long term change, meeting the needs and goals of each person

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Our Clinical Nurse Specialists supports people with complex medical issues, bridging the gap between the medical field and the person and their support networks. We can develop specific plans to support health care in communities, for example, Epilepsy Management, as well as health and medication reviews

Kids Clinical Services

Our Kids Clinical Services support children with their specific needs, covering all areas of Trusted Clinical including Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). Our age-appropriate services can support your child to grow into their best self, with tools and supports for their individual needs

Supported by a team of highly skilled clinicians

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