Luke Niforos BSP

Luke Nifonos

Behaviour Support Practitioner

Luke Niforos has volunteered for several years in crisis support for LGBTRQIA+ youth with disability, gaining valuable experience in supporting individuals with complex mental health needs. Working as a Disability Support Worker, Luke developed the skills to support people with a wide range of complex presentations, including trauma, brain injury, and physical, developmental, and psychosocial disability.

Luke enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities, and uses a person-centred, evidence-based approach to behaviour support. Luke believes that every moment is an opportunity for our participants to live their lives to the fullest and achieve their goals.

He holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Social Science with a major in Criminology, and is currently dedicating time outside of work to complete a Master of Forensic Mental Health. With eight years of education specialising his knowledge, Luke is particularly interested in the link between disability, mental health, and criminal behaviour.

Luke is also a researcher for various long-term projects studying mental health behaviours of minority groups in Australia, and hopes to provide the health and disability sectors with useful recommendations for the improvement of healthcare services.

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