Danielle Flowers

Danielle Flowers

Senior Allied Health Clinician

Danielle brings a passion for upholding every person’s basic human right to communicate, and has dedicated her working career to advocating in this space. Her experience includes both communication and dysphagia services, with a speciality in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Low-tech communication supports and assisting communication partners to develop skills to enhance communication interactions. 

Danielle has held high level management roles in government and non-government organisations, and her strength lies in being an engaged and empathetic leader.  She has overseen successful multidisciplinary teams, with a focus on high staff performance and quality outcomes for the people receiving services.

Danielle has a proven record of providing exceptional guidance and support to her teams, and has contributed to the development of many staff across multiple disciplines; She brings a speciality in the development and support of new graduates and clinicians new to the disability sector. Danielle delivers supervision and support to her staff that is valued and individualised; with a  comprehensive development focus across all areas of practice. 

As an experience trainer with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Danielle has contributed to the development of the wider workforce with provision of quality and engaging training, in Mealtime Management, Communication, Key Word Signing and other training packages.  Danielle is well connected across the speech pathology and disability sectors, and draws upon her vast networks and connections across agencies; operating in her role from a solid foundation of clinical practice and a commitment to working with people with disability to live the life they choose.

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